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What is Baldness – Hair Loss Type and Regrow Hair Naturally?

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Stop Hair Loss – Regrow Hair Naturally

English: Alopecia

How to stop hair loss and regrow it the natural way? It is very normal for people to lose at least a hundred strands of hair on a regular basis. This is because the cycle in normal a person’s hair growth, expected to last at least two to six years-strands of hair and scalp regularly grow new ones in about 12 weeks. However, some people lose more than the expected number of posts in one day. In fact, there are growing numbers of people suffering the burden of hair loss today.

Experts say that many people are losing their hair are not even aware of it. If truth be told, many are indifferent about the condition of your hair and do not realize they are losing their glory if not for the comments of the people around them.

If you think you are one of those who are prone to hair loss, the first thing you need to know is what specific types of hair loss are. This will serve as a sign, if you are losing hair or long term.

The first type is “androgenetic alopecia” or commonly known as pattern baldness. Men and women who are prone to experience this slow growth of hair as well as weaker is the hair. In this condition, the main cause could be the legacy for the history of pattern baldness may increase the risk of losing their hair. Due to heredity, age also is affected which in turn accelerates the rate of loss of hair.

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Another type is called “scarring alopecia” or cicatricial alopecia, a type of permanent hair loss, there is caused by inflammation. In this condition, inflammation was able to damage the hair follicle, and later became scars. The reason of these scars, the new hair being prevented from leaving… Cicatricial alopecia can be caused by certain skin conditions such as lupus erythematosus and lichen planus wherein experts are yet to discover what causes the inflammation.

The “alopecia areata” is the type of hair loss, which is considered as an autoimmune disease. Although there is a classification, the cause of the disease has yet been uncovered. Experts say that people who suffer from their condition are those who are generally healthy. Some say that the condition may be caused by autoimmune disorders like thyroid disease, genes, or of certain viruses in the environment where the person spends much time in.

On the other hand, there is also a type that is caused by a change in the cycle normal hair, called “telogen effluvium”. This condition can occur when something shocked system that leads to premature break hair growth. This shock can be physical, emotional but above all, as when a person sulks into depression caused by factors such as death and other emergency events. It can also be caused by physiological stress that lead fever, changing conditions of weight, poor nutrition, and other alterations in metabolism.

Finally, the type of hair loss is becoming popular today, the “traction alopecia”. This hair loss is usually caused by specific hairstyles that put too much pressure on the scalp. The strip makes the hair root to be weak and off the growth of healthy hair. To stop hair loss and regrow it naturally, you can visit the link below to download best selling how to stop hair and regrow it the natural way!

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