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An Honest Review Of Healing The Critical Parent! A Self Help Book For All

Written By: admin on June 30, 2011 One Comment

You cannot deny the fact that you have an inner voice that talk to you at some of your quiet time. However, these voices are tagged as inner parent which often comes in 2 different types. We have inner nurturing parent and inner critical parent. Inner nurturing parent-what a sweet voice that appears in form of slow still orderly voice of love, care, courage and strenght. It is a lovable priceless gift that everyone who has it remain grateful to God for.

In contrary, inner critical parent is a voice of criticism that do appear in form of critics that always nagging and do put you down. It is an unfriendly voice that always show you your weakness to your face. Whatever, you do or intend doing, the voice always come up to disscourage you and make you look like you worth nothing.

However, both inner nurturing parent and inner critical parent do take after the sound of your mother or father. Meanhile, to some people, it sound like a voice unique to their own personality. Which ever way it sound very familiar.

What dictate whether you’ll likely have inner nurturing parent or critical parent is how your life has been developed. The rule says “the more you were nurtured, the more nurturing your inner parent will be. But the more criticism you had to endure, then the more critical your inner parent will be.”

The challenges then is what you can do to change your ever disturbing and destructive inner critical parent before it finally destroy you. Or do you have to keep this naging inner voice of yours who’ll never stop puting you down even when you need it to encourage you. However, the truth is that you have the Will Power to change your destructive inner critical parent to constructive inner nurturing parent. The choice is yours.

Self Help Extra found an mp3 Clickbank digital downloadable product who promises to help you turn your inner critical parent to inner nurturing parent. The product name is Healing The Critical Parent and promises 100% money back guaranteed should in case it fails to deliver on promises. From the little users feedback gathered by Self Help Extra on Healing The Critical Parent, it was found that the products have recieved great positive feedback so far.

Like I said earlier, the choice is yours. You can now stop that naging voice on your head. No risk no gain. After all, no loss, if Healing The Critical Parent failed to change your inner critical parent to nurturing parent, simply ask your money back. You can click HEREto visit the official website of Healing The Critical Parent.

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One Response to “An Honest Review Of Healing The Critical Parent! A Self Help Book For All”

  1. Sam ken says on: 3 July 2011 at 6:52 pm

    Critical parent is not something childish to deal with. I enjoy your review and i hope your recommendation will perfectly work for me.

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