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Wayne asks…

Good self help books on relationships & breakups?

Can you recommend a good book to read for someone whose marriage is breaking down. Something which deals with stress, heartbreak, how to talk to estranged partner etc etc

admin answers:

His Needs Her Needs~ Willard F Harley, Jr has sold over a million copies and is an invaluabe resource in rebuilding marriage.

I’m also a big fan of The Five Love Languages… I forget the author’s name, but he’s pretty famous. Chapman, maybe?

Cindy asks…

Regarding self help books on love and relationships?

Do they honestly work for some people? Why or why not?

admin answers:

Combined with experience, self help books on love and relationships are a step along the path, but they are not the ultimate truth. I started years ago with, “I’m OK, You’re OK”
Several relationships, and many books later my fav is, “Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships” by Harold Klemp. As we learn and grow, so does our understanding of love and relationships.

Charlie asks…

would you buy a self help book on relationships thats 20 pages?

im writing a book… i want it to be small cute and straight to the point… would you buy something like this? give me your honest opinions

admin answers:

No, you should make it a website.

David asks…

Are there any relationship self-help books that are not written by Doctors or Therapists?

I am looking for (successful) books written by every day people on relationships. Any that you know of?

admin answers:

The Bible

Susan asks…

Do self-help books on finding love and maintaining relationships really work?

As in, did they work for you?

admin answers:

Funny you should ask…

I was in a relationship with a boyfriend for three years… Over the course of that relationship, i accumulated 8 relationship “guides”. The relationship ended, obviously…

…one would think that those books didn’t work since the relationship didn’t, right?

Wrong. The last book i bought towards the end of that relationship was called “why love is not enough” by sol gordon. Now, i’m a little dutch girl from the bible belt, but this old tell-it-like-it-is jewish guy from the east coast really made a lot of sense to me…

I bought his book thinking that it would help me narrow down the positive things in the relationship that i should be focusing on rather than the things we fought about all the time… I ended up reading a passage about marrying someone who’s a good friend to you close to 20 times one night.

I started to ask myself if the person i was dating would be a friend if we had never dated, and the answer was no–he had none of the qualities i would look for in a good friend, so why was i considering spending the rest of my life with him?

That old jewish guy sure knew his stuff… I’m currently engaged to the boy who’s been my best friend for 6 years, and i’m looking forward to our friendship, companionship, and honest-to-god true love for the rest of our lives.

Books can be very helpful… But sometimes not in the way you’d expect. 😉

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