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Written By: admin on July 4, 2011 No Comment

Dear Social Anxiety and Shyness Sufferer,
Are you presently battling with difficulty being yourself when you meet new people or feeling too self conscious to ask someone out on a date? Whatever your case might be even if yours is constant avoidance of situations that might require you to say something in front […]

Written By: admin on July 1, 2011 No Comment

If you’ve been avoiding making life-changing decisions because of your fear of change, you may forever remain average Joe working a boring 9-to-5 desk job and be settling for less than average in your life time. You can choose to keep on the same lifestyle that has kept 90% of the world’s population are […]

Written By: admin on June 30, 2011 No Comment

Are you a fan of Napoleon Hill’s legendary book Think and Grow Rich? Either you’re are or not! Think and Grow Rich by Legend Napoleon Hill has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. The best selling Think and Grow Rich is indeed life transformational book best for self help […]

Written By: admin on June 30, 2011 One Comment

You cannot deny the fact that you have an inner voice that talk to you at some of your quiet time. However, these voices are tagged as inner parent which often comes in 2 different types. We have inner nurturing parent and inner critical parent. Inner nurturing parent-what a sweet […]

Written By: admin on June 22, 2011 No Comment

Dear Frustrated Goal Seeker,
The secret of every successful men and women around the world lies on their ability to set and achieve goals within possible shortest period of time. So, if you’ve been suffering from goal settings then you may remain unsuccessful in your entire life time. Let’s face it, you might […]

Written By: admin on June 14, 2011 No Comment

Have you ever asked yourself why you’ve not been paying for your knowledge? If you’re interested in the singular reason employer price you low and why you’ve not land your dream job or possess the financial freedom you ever desire. Follow this Self Help Extra honest review on Triggers Mind Control

Written By: admin on June 13, 2011 No Comment

Dear NLP Enthusiast,

Have you ever spent quality time and hundreds of dollars browsing internet navigating from one site page to the other, searching for and digging through countless books, tapes, and courses on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) materials?

Here is a good news for you as you can now have every skill, technique and […]

Written By: admin on June 13, 2011 One Comment

If you’re the type who can link his or her past experience to the present state with full hope that the future can only get better, then you’re in the right page. Join Self Help Extra as we dig through another life changing product named The […]

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